21 Oct 2021


The hospitality industry  is a  highly competitive and dynamic sector which requires well trained professionals who have a serious work ethic. In order to make a good start and advance in your career in the field of hospitality, you need to complete a well regarded study program. Hence, a certification or degree in  hospitality management is worth it.

Hospitality certifications are awarded to the industry’s most accomplished, educated, and successful leaders for one or more career and departmental levels. These serve as a symbol of accomplishment and  can often  be used to advance the recipient’s career. Having a hospitality certification is a great way to show your dedication to the industry. Given the number of professionals involved in hospitality, it’s no wonder why recognition of excellence is so desired.

To pursue a career in the hospitality sector, you need to complete a SIT30616 Certificate III in Hospitality at Step Into Training Services (SITS).  Our campuses are located in Queensland. At SITS, SIT30616 Certificate III in Hospitality is both accessible and affordable for aspirants wanting to step into the hospitality industry. Our mission is to help students achieve their highest potential personally, academically and professionally.

Nationally recognised education

Graduates of hospitality degree in Australia are amongst the highly preferred applicants by the industry, thereby assuring them of competitive advantage. Having a nationally recognised Australian education allows you to open your wings to explore the world   confidently to accomplish your desired goals.

Career outcomes

Students who have completed a Certificate III in hospitality in Australia have boundless oppurtunities. From restaurants to travel agencies, to hotels and resorts, hospitality degree holders enjoy an array of job openings within the vast sector of travel and hospitality- locally, nationally and internationally.

Employment oppurtunities

 Hospitality courses equip you with experiences that help you follow the current trends in the enterprise.  With a completion of Certificate III in Hospitality, you will be eligible to take up job titles like: food and beverage attendant, function host, front desk receptionist, senior bar attendant, guest service agent, housekeeper, gaming attendant, restaurant host and so on.



Significant growth

‘Growth opportunity’ should be one of the critical constituents while deciding for a career opportunity. Hospitality management jobs will promote your growth personally and professionally. Hospitality management careers not only nourish you to socialize and network, but they also render you with dynamic possibilities to grow within the industry.

Overall, having a hospitality certification can help recipients become more competitive in the job market, get promotions, or transition to a new segment of the industry.  A Certificate III in Hospitality will provide you with an in depth understanding of the operation and structure of the hospitality industry and the sectors related to it. As a hospitality graduate you will be able to understand and respond to the needs and demands of customers in order to deliver excellent services with your experience.

In Australia, hospitality is primarily an ideal sector to work in. If you intend make a mark in this field, go right ahead and do it. Take up a Certificate III in Hospitality at SITS today which gives you an edge over other professionals in the business due to its versatility and broad scope.

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