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How Long Does It Take to Become a Teacher Aide in Australia?

Working in education support roles is becoming increasingly popular in Australia for people who seek to start a career in teaching. The industry highly demands skilled professionals, which can turn out to be a great benefit for individuals looking to work in this field.

As an education support worker, you will assist teachers in classroom settings to promote the effective development of children. With the right qualification in hand, you will have access to loads of exciting job roles in this sector that will offer you a promising career path.

So, what do you have to do to become a Teacher’s Aide and how long does it take? Well, it’s all relative. Let this be your guide to pursuing a career as a Teacher’s Aide!



Getting the right qualification is your step one to start a career in Education Support. If you want a job, you have to make sure that you possess the right skills and knowledge to suit your employers.

A qualification that can be a great start to your career is the CHC40221 Certificate IV in Education Support. An extremely popular course, CHC40221 Certificate IV in Education Support will teach you to perform assistive tasks with a moderate level of autonomy in a range of education settings. You will learn to support teachers and students under broad-based supervision. This course will also equip you with skills to work with children who have additional needs and to facilitate their proper growth and development

How long does the course last for? Depending on the provider you choose to study with, your training will take up to 12 months.



As part of your Certificate IV, you will also be required to complete a formal vocational placement (and yes, this is included in the 12 months of the course).

By means of this placement, you’ll work in registered facilities and gain all the know-how of working in a real work context. You will also get hands-on experience along with practical skills outside the classroom.



Once you have the right qualification and experience in hand, you’ll be all set to start working as a Teacher’s Aide. There are loads of opportunities, especially in Australia given the high demand.

Make sure you create your networks and browse for roles on job seeking websites like Seek, Indeed JobSeeker to name a few.

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So, there you go. That was your complete guide to starting a career as a Teacher’s Aide. It roughly takes over a year to finally start working in Education Support, and as long as you have the right skillset, you’ll find a suitable job in no time!

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