03 Feb 2020

How To Become A Full Time Security Officer

More and more people are looking to work in security, thanks to the high demand for officers and promising career progress opportunities. Individuals who work as security officers don’t just earn well, they also enjoy high job satisfaction and security. 

Security officers work in dynamic environments, their role includes maintaining safety and security by patrolling, protecting or guarding property, monitoring behaviour, et cetera. Occupations may include Unarmed Guard, Crowd Controller and many more. 
However, to be qualified to work, you’ll have to undergo appropriate training from a Registered Training Organisation (RTO)followed by getting a license. Here’s how you could become a full-time security officer.

Start Here: Selecting A Course 
With the right qualification, there’s no limit to what you could achieve in your career. If you want to thrive in the security industry, here are some popular courses you could choose from;

    • CPP20218 Certificate II in Security Operations 
This qualification teaches you about Risk Assessment, Self-Defence techniques, Patrolling premises to maintain security, and a lot more to give you the skills and knowledge to work as an Unarmed Security Officer or Crowd Controller. The Certificate II in Security Operations is suitable for individuals who are just entering the industry. The duration of the course can vary depending on what institute you choose to study from, ranging from a few days to 12 months. You’ll learn 14 core units comprising of subjects like Effective Communication, Emergency Response and Evacuation Procedures, Screen People and Items To Maintain Security,and First Aid. 
This is the ideal course for you if you’re an international or domestic student just starting off in security. On the completion of this course, you’ll be able to apply for a licence and work as aSecurity Guard in areas like nightclubs, events, hotels, and casinos. 

    • CPP31318 Certificate III in Security Operations
Another popular option to choose, the Certificate III in Security Operations is suitable for you if you already hold the Certificate II in Security Operations and want to upskillto lead security teams in the field. It provides a pathway to further learning and work in various security roles and settings, including security risk management.This course has a total of 8 core and 6 elective units (you’ll have to choose a minimum of 4). The cores include units like Contributing To Team Effectiveness, Managing Conflict and Security Risks through Negotiation, and Maintain Operational Safety and Security Of Work Environment. Note that to be eligible to study this course, you’ll need a security license in a relevant jurisdiction. 

What’s next? 
Once you’ve gained the right qualification, the next step is to apply for a security license, since it is a requirement for getting a security job in Australia. 
You could even do higher level certificates and upskill to take advantage of better opportunities. Remember, the higher your qualification, the more skills you’ll have and the better jobs you’ll get!
Finding employment in security should not be too hard, given the high demand. The online platform has a wide range of websites like JobSeeker, Seek, and Gumtree which can help you find many employers. If you’re good at networking, you would probably have no problem finding jobs once you’ve completed your certificate course.

Ready to take action? Talk to us at 1300 467 487 to know about our range of security courses and how SITS can help you get that dream career. With industry-experienced trainers and an emphasis on practical skills, you’ll be ready to start strong as a security officer. 

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