11 Feb 2020

How to Choose the Right Security Course?

Getting into the security industry is one of the best things you could do for your career in Australia. If you’re looking at a career in security, you’ve chosen right. Figures indicate that the sector is set to see a major growth in employment; the number of workers is predicted to go from 63,800 in 2018 to 70,100 by 2023! Security Officer are demanded in a range of commercial and residential contexts to protect and guard premises.

Workers in this field are employed in a range of industries to protect people, property and maintain safety. A job like this can be extremely rewarding and interesting where you’ll get to work in a fast-paced and unpredictable environment. There could be a lot of activity and bustle involved but at the same time, the nature of your job could be stationary as well. All in all, there’s a lot of variety involved, setting it apart from an ordinary desk job!

Get the right qualification 

To be a Security Officer in Australia, you have to make sure you have the skills and knowledge to be qualified for the job. For the same, you’ll need to complete the training requirements from a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). To ensure you find the best jobs with the best employers for you, you’ll have to ensure you have everything they’re looking for.

RTO’s in Australia offer a variety of courses in this field. Here’s a few to help you find the suitable one based on your knowledge and experience. 

The Certificate II in Security Operations can serve as the minimum qualification to get an entry-level license to work as an Unarmed Guard/Crowd Controller. This course is ideal for you if you’re just starting out in the industry and want to build your security career from scratch. 

This qualification has a duration varying from just a few weeks to 12 months, depending on the course provider you study with. You’ll get all the skills and knowledge you need through a combination of 14 core units. These units will train you in areas of First Aid, Effective Communication, Risk Assessment, Self-Defence techniques, Patrolling Premises, Emergency Response and Evacuation Procedures and many more. 

On the completion of this course, you’ll be qualified to apply for an entry-level security license and find employment in areas like events, casinos, shopping centres, music festivals, building security, et cetera. 

Another sought after qualification in security, the Certificate III in Security Operations is the course to choose if you previously hold a Certificate II in Security Operations and want to upgrade your existing skills and experience for getting yourself into supervisory roles. With this course, you’ll be qualified to lead security teams in the field. It could also provide as a pathway to further learning and work in various security roles and settings, including security risk management. The Certificate III has 8 core units and 6 units (out of which you’ll choose 4). You’ll learn subjects like Contributing to Team Effectiveness, Managing Conflict, and a lot more. 

Note that there are entry requirements associated with course; you would need a valid security license in a relevant jurisdiction for being eligible to enrol. 

All in all, security operations is a great job role to consider. Now is the time to take action towards a bright future. 

Made up your mind about what course you’ll choose? It’s time to take action- Speak to us at 1300 467 487 to know more about how we can help you kickstart a rewarding career. 

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