12 Aug 2020

Looking Forward to A Rewarding Career in Security Operations?

There are without a doubt, heaps of career options available in Australia, but picking one you’re really passionate about can often be hard. However, if you’ve decided to go after a security operations career, we can help you know what steps to take! 
But let’s jump into some facts and figures for this industry, shall we? 
Skilled workers are currently high in demand in Security Operations! Job Outlook discloses that the job roles in this area have a very strong future growth. The need for security is increasing every day, be it any organisation, institution or for domestic purposes. 
Being a Security Guard also works as a great part-time career option! It is a great alternative for earning extra income. What’s more? It’s an extremely flexible job since there are a variety of shifts involved. Good career prospects is another benefit- there is a wide range of opportunities available in the sector, and you can even upskill to grow your career.
But where do you start? Our CPC20218 Certificate II in Security Operations is the course you should undertake to lay the groundwork of your career. 

About the course
The CPP20218 Certificate II in Security Operations can be the starting point for your career in security. This certificate serves as the minimum qualification to get an entry-level license to work as a Security Officer.The nationally recognised course has a duration of 12 months,covering a total of 14 core units. Multiple modes of delivery are also offered, so you’llalways have an option of how you want to study.
The certificate II in Security Operations is a highly sought-after qualification which will teach you all the important aspects and know-how of security. You will gain skills and knowledge in areas like basic self-defence techniques, first aid, risk assessment, screening people, personal effects and items to maintain security, monitor and control individual and crowd behaviour, and a lot more.
On the successful completion,you’ll be qualified to work as an Unarmed Guard or Crowd Controller in areas like Hotels, Nightclubs, Major Events, et cetera.
Once you get this certificate, you’ll be able to apply for a security license. All you need to do now is to decide the course provider you want to study with. Here’s where we come in.

Study with Step Into Training Services
SITS is dedicated to give our students the best educational platform. Our nationally recognised courses are designed to meet industry standards and will give you the proper knowledge and experience to get you ready for the workforce. Take advantage of our cutting-edge facilities and hands-on learning experience.
Want to enquire about our courses? Give us a ring on 1300 467 487. We’ll assist you as best as we can!

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