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Role & Scope of Education Support in Austraila

Along with being one of Australia’s largest industries, the education sector is also the most dynamic, exciting and accelerating. The Australian government has undertaken a series of programs and subsidies to make education more affordable, accessible and flexible. Qualified and dedicated education support workers are always in demand with our ever-growing population and as in most families involving both parents into work. The roles within the education industry are virtually countless and there will never be a shortage of jobs.

The Australian education support sector has an employment size of 99,100* workers and very strong future growth is predicted. Education support courses can take you way ahead in the education sector. Committing to a career in education support means you could assist students reap benefits in the long run, from success in pre- school to potential lifelong earnings. If you want to be a part of an industry where you’ll have assured employment and most importantly if you like interacting with children and have a strong desire to teach, then a Certificate IV in Education Support is the right choice for you. Qualification Step Into Training Services (SITS), a trusted and reputable institution in Australia offers the CHC40213 Certificate IV in Education Support. This course provides complete professional development for aspirants seeking a fulfilling career in the education industry in Australia. Here, you will get the opportunity to learn from our industry experts at Queensland who will help you master the necessary teaching strategies, behaviour management techniques, support mechanisms for students with special needs or disabilities and ways to assist the teacher with classroom management. Quality training by our faculty will enable you to develop theoretical and practical knowledge, skills and aptitude in providing support to children and help them achieve developmental outcomes. Our Certificate IV in Education Support from Queensland can broaden your career prospects among today’s employers. Great Exposure Graduates of this nationally recognised, are entitled to work all across Australia. Due to the extensive propinquity of the education industry, you can find employment in public and private schools and community education settings. The academic course is combined with field placements which will enable you to gain an understanding of children’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs.

Job Security The job prospects for education support workers are very much in abundance owing to the widespread domain of the education industry. The growing prevalence of this sector has given it a promising possibility. Amongst all diverse professions which attract the youth, this career is indeed the one that provides assurance to its applicants. However, your knowledge, education and experience play a key role in setting up the digits for your pay. The most common annual salary of an education support worker in Australia is between $55,000 and $70,000**.

The projected job growth is expected to be 21.1% in the next five years. Promising Career Trajectory The Certificate IV in Education Support is compatible for people looking to make a career as Teacher’s Aide, Education Assistant or Home Tutor. Moreover, advanced courses also add strength to your resume through which you can build on your existing skills creating diverse employment opportunities. Rewarding Experience The job role of an education support worker though challenging and complex, brings along plentiful rewards too. One of the most crucial reason people pursue a career in education support is the satisfaction this job brings personally. Being an education support worker is a highly rewarding and appreciated role. They provide a stimulating, safe and meaningful environment assisting teachers and helping students overcome learning challenges and achieve their true potential, thereby playing a noteworthy role in the lives of students. According to the Australian Government’s Job Outlook Service, the weekly pay for education support workers is $1,094. Did you know that females alone represent 90% of the education support workforce? Isn’t that incredible. The education support industry is indeed one of the most beneficial sectors to work in Australia. It gives you an edge over other professions and competition due to its versatility and broad scope. If you want to pave your way into the dynamic education sector, studying an education support course at Queensland will help you get your start. Ready to take the plunge? Join SITS.

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