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Tips for Successfully Completing a School-Based Education Support Program

Teaching is considered to be one of the most noble professions, as it’s just about giving and providing not only to individuals but to the entire nation, contributing immensely to growth and development. An educator's role can not only be supremely tedious but also demanding. Handling curriculums, ensuring effective teaching practices, and encouraging overall student growth and development depend on the job role of the educator. In a school setting educators need the assistance of an individual for their efficient handling of the classroom. Starting from planning out schedules, managing curriculums, assisting in carrying out the activities by the students, maintaining the environment and so much more in hand. All this cannot alone be handled by the educator and henceforth the role of education support worker and education aides comes in. The education support worker with the relevant skills and qualifications- CHC40221 Certificate IV in School Based Education Support is very crucial to ensure a healthy, effective learning environment. They not only assist the teachers but also help students in various ways to ensure the smooth running of the classroom. Let us understand how you can study and complete the qualification- CHC40221 Certificate IV in School Based Education Support at SITS College.


Understanding the CHC40221 Certificate IV in School Based Education Support

The curriculum CHC40221 Certificate IV in School Based Education Support is carefully designed to meet the requirements of the education support domain. Starting from theoretical knowledge to practical work placements to effectively handle real-life scenarios, the course aims at equipping individuals with both.

The 12-month course is constructed to provide you with the essential skillset and knowledge to work collaboratively with both teachers and students in school and community settings. Successful completion of this qualification and meeting requirements will provide a pathway into a career in education.


Skills You Will Gain

Apply curriculum and support learning;

Reflect on and improve your professional practice;

Support students in their literacy and mathematics studies;

Work with school students who have additional needs, including autism spectrum disorder; and

Recognise and respond to behaviour through a combination of theory and practical coursework.


Career Outcomes-

The course CHC40221Certificate IV in School Based Education Support at SITS College exposes you to several attractive job roles in a school or classroom setting such as

  1. Education Support Officer
  2. Education Access Worker
  3. Learning Support Officer
  4. Support Worker
  5. (working with children with disabilities)
  6. Indigenous Language and Culture Teaching Assistant
  7. Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander education worker
  8. Teacher Aide
  9. Integration Aid


With these diversified job roles, you go on to work as home tutors, education support workers in community education services, team leaders in support learning, and student learning and support officers in both public and private schools.


Key Modules of the Course

To effectively complete the course CHC40221 Certificate IV in Early Childhood Education and Care you need to complete all the total 17 units which includes 14 core modules as well as the required 3 elective modules.

Some of the crucial ones include-

  1. CHCEDS046 Support student literacy learning
  2. CHCEDS047 Assist in the facilitation of student learning
  3. CHCEDS048 Work with students in need of additional learning support
  4. CHCEDS051 Facilitate learning for students with disabilities
  5. CHCEDS056 Provide support to students with autism spectrum disorder
  6. CHCEDS058 Support the implementation of behaviour plans
  7. CHCEDS059 Contribute to the health, safety and well-being of the student


Complete your Course at - SITS College

With relentless efforts in the vocational education sector for the past 15 years, SITS College has been helping students to attain the certification- CHC40221 Certificate IV in Early Childhood Education and Care and effectively step on this promising career path. The immensely experienced instructors, strong industry connections, regular assessments completing the assignments, attending regular classes and effective studying methodology help students attain excellence and complete the qualification.

Hurry! Enrol now and be a part of this fulfilling course CHC40221 Certificate IV in School Based Education Support at SITS College.

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