16 Feb 2021

What can you do with a diploma in building and construction

What can you do with a diploma in building and construction?


Those who think construction is just about building skyscrapers, then think again! There is more to the construction field than just building sites. It is about turning dreams into a reality, planning, collaboration, and control of a project from its inception days to the delivery. Since this is a critical job, you must master technical skills before you venture out entirely in this field.


SITS CPC50210 Diploma of Building and Construction (Building) course can prepare you to ace your game in the construction industry. In a country like Australia, there is ample scope for students who are studying construction and building. Our course will help you take your building career to the next level. After completing our diploma course, you will examine the techniques, regulations, and principles of the construction industry for all types of wide-span and medium-rise buildings.


Upon completing your study, a student has the liberty to take up a job in a consultancy firm, designing firm, or work as a contractor in Australia. Here are the three broad categories:


Designing firm

Structural/electrical engineers and architect quite often team up together to work on a project. They evaluate designs, strategize, assess situations and conditions, and prepare different layouts accordingly. Their job is crucial since they must ensure no loopholes before the project completion.



Finishing a project promptly is an uphill task. For this, staffs are trained efficiently to fulfil their responsibilities. Now, these construction projects can vary in size and type. Contractors are hired whose primary responsibility is to see the overall operations from scratch to finish. A contractor has a skilled workforce team working with him to ensure that overall construction quality is maintained as per the standards. 


Consultancy firm

A consultancy firm caters to larger clients. They work on behalf of a company and oversee entire project operations by providing their inputs as and when required. They are involved in an end-to-end process. From planning to designing, it is their responsibility to explain every procedure involved in constructing a building. Quantity surveyors and building surveyors are two broad types of construction jobs that individuals pursue while working in construction firms.


SITS CPC50210 Diploma of Building and Construction (Building) course incorporates extensive project-based and hands-on working experience. 

You will learn several aspects of building projects and analyze how they all are related to each other. Not just that, you will visit sites to apply your skill sets and master them in the real-world scenario. Your practical experience is all backed up by excellent teaching methods. 


So, learn the essentials of building management, including quality standards and project risk related to the construction industry and become a part of one of the most sought-after rewarding careers in Australia. It is time that you take your job to the next level and manage a domestic or commercial building site with your leadership. 








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